Welcome to Class 5

In KS2 (years 3-6) there are ongoing assessments throughout the year, to ensure that the children are on track, enabling staff to help those who are struggling and to stretch those who are finding the work easy.  Throughout KS2 the children are streamed for Maths Investigation lessons, enabling younger, gifted and talented pupils to challenge themselves by working with older children.

In Year 5 we continue to promote independent learning, especially in topic work, where children do their own research, using books and the internet and then produce their own piece of independent work based on the information gathered.  We continue to encourage 'reading for pleasure' in Year 5, by allowing the children to choose a book from the library to take home and enjoy, changing this every couple of weeks. 

The children have weekly homework based on work studied during that week, including spellings.

The topics covered in Year 5 include:

The Victorians, Mountains, Enough for everyone (Renewable/ Non renewable energy, Pollution, Sustainability), Continents, Word War 2 and South America.

Science: Light and Sound; Classification of living things; Evolution and Inheritance; Life Cycles, The Human circulatory system; Diet and exercise.

In Year 5 children continue to study French and German.

In Year 5 the children have their first visit to Hill House for a residential activity week with Year 6 children.  The children develop team building skills and gain self-confidence.