Welcome to Class 3

In KS2 (years 3-6) there are ongoing assessments throughout the year, to ensure that the children are on track enabling staff to help those who are struggling and to stretch those who are finding the work easy.  Throughout KS2 the children are streamed for Maths Investigation lessons, enabling younger, gifted and talented pupils to challenge themselves by working with older children.

Upper school starts in Year 3, where the main focus is to develop independent learning skills.  Children are encouraged to research their topic work using both books and the internet; producing reports and projects.  They are taught to take responsibility for their learning and to think independently for themselves.

In Year 3 the children are taught French for the first time; in Music they learn to play the recorder.

The children continue to take reading books home and are expected to read regularly to an adult.  Each week they read to a teacher and read with their peers in group reading sessions.

Topics covered in Year 3 include:

Science:        Healthy Eating; Teeth; Rock and Soils; Light and Shadows; Plants; Forces and Magnets

History:         The Celts and Ancient Romans

Geography:   The UK; South America; India; Rivers

Weekly homework, including spellings, is written in a home/school diary.

The children have the opportunity to join the successful school choir and to have extra-curricular lessons in piano, violin and singing.

In Year 3 the children join Year 4 to take part in a 2 day outdoor activity experience, which includes spending a night away from home.  This introduces the children to team building and helps build their personal independence and confidence.

What we have been doing this term

Class 3 walked to Weston Library to find books on the Stone Age, Healthy Eating and the United Kingdom.

Please see the photo gallery for photos.  

The children have also made and drank smoothies, turned a corner of their classroom into a Stone Age Cave, made Stone Age clay pots and had some fun drama mornings.