Email from Parents:


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff for a lovely Christmas production tonight. 

I would also like to congratulate the school choir, Mrs.K and Mrs.Buckingham for the performance on the pier on Monday evening.  We were so proud of them all and the performance was outstanding. The first song for me was the stand our performance of the evening by any school.

Thank you and congratulations for both performances to all those involved.  My child has thoroughly enjoyed being involved in both events".

Letter from Nursery Parent:


"What a lovely harvest festival service, I was most impressed.  The children sang and spoke their words beautifully.

My Great Grandson is in Nursery Class, so to me this was a very special occasion".

Letter from Redcliffe:


"Thank you for bringing the Young People to our service.  If made such a difference to the singing and the atmosphere of the service.  Their singing of "Let justice roll down like a river" was really lovely.  We had several comments from people, also how well behaved the children were.  It also brought back happy memories of the school concerts you held at Milton.

My grateful thanks.

Facebook comment from Parent


"As a Nursery you don't stop ceasing to amaze me how great you are with and for the kids".